When most people think of Khmer movie. They probably thing of Thailand Movie and Hollywood movies crossovers, like Snake King Wife or How They Kill My Father – Movies set in Khmer, with couple of true stories. But still mostly the same as Myth movies. The truth is, though, that True Khmer Movie & Drama – movies made in Khmer, and primarily in the Khmer language – are pretty different from Hollywood films. While you might be a little nervous about subtitles ( you get used to it) or not knowing any of the stars ( you’ll come to know and love them in no time) to try Khmer movie or Khmer drama on your own. I gave already done the work for you. Here I have some good suggestion about Khmer Movie and Khmer dramas and why you should really watch.

As you know, this might not be the main selling point of watching Khmer movie or any of the Khmer drama. However, Khmer movie in general have more romance than any other Hollywood films. Both in the sheer volume of romance. Especially heart touching scene. As the industry of Khmer films improving and competitive with nearby country such as Thailand movie. a little of this same romance has been lost, but older Khmer romance movie such as Diamond Island and The missing picture have a power to their romantic story lines that hasn’t been seen in any other country film since that golden age of the 90’s . Khmer movie culture is also generally more conservative than the America, so the romance tends to be less physical and more emotional. Which I believe a lot will love to watch. And it is totally something different.

All this just comes with being an industry set in a totally different culture, but some of the Khmer movie plots, especially the more dramatic ones are really original stories you just wont see in any other places. at least not on big screen. What’s great about these different movies, is that the bigger star feature in them ( although these stars still not most people would know) . Such Khmer movie are Rice People, starring Peng Phan , Mom Soth, Chhim Naline , Va Simorn   as the story line is highly rated . Short summary of the this favourite Khmer movie was about Cambodian Refugee Camps , When children are asking where rice comes from , they answer the kids by telling ‘’From UN Lorries’’ . They have never seen a rice field. Till one day , these kids will have to learn to live in Cambodia. Z These people try to share the way of life, and to demonstrate the fragile equilibrium on which it lies and the freedom it represents.

As reader of a history or romance. Khmer movie should be one of the good movies you should really consider. What’s great about Khmer Movie is that it’s an entire industry , so it’s multifaceted and diverse. If you don’t like History or Unique stories. You can go for Khmer Dramas. Is more about comedy and romance.